Wanda Dee is NOT The KLF

Wanda Dee is touring the world as "The KLF"

She is NOT "The KLF"

TLDR; What is this about?

This is about a singer/rapper called Wanda Dee (born as Lawanda McFarland). She released a couple of records in the 1980s.

A British music group called "The KLF" sampled two lines of one of her records. They were quite successful.

Rather than be content with being paid for the sample, Wanda Dee pushed for writing and publishing credits on the records, and appear in the music videos.

"The KLF" left the music business in 1992 and deleted their back catalogue*.

Wanda Dee started touring the world billing herself as "The KLF".

Wanda Dee is NOT "The KLF".

Wanda Dee is a 12-bit sample.

Who is Wanda Dee?

Wikipedia Entry for Wanda Dee

Wanda Dee is an American Hip Hop artist.

In 1989 she released a Hip Hop record called 'Goddess/To The Bone'. The record was a minor hit in the USA.

Who are "The KLF"?

Wikipedia Entry for The KLF

The KLF were/are a British dance music group who were active between 1987 and 1992. They were formed by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty who began producing sample-based music under the name "The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu".

In 1988 they started producing underground house music and used the name "The KLF".

They also had a a number 1 in the UK in 1988 as "The Timelords" with "Doctorin' The Tardis".

In 1990 they remixed three of their earlier tunes, adding a live stadium feel to the tracks. These tracks were "What Time Is Love? (Live at Trancentral)", "3AM Eternal (Live at the SSL)", and "Last Train To Trancentral (Live from the Lost Continent)"

On "What Time Is Love?" and "Last Train To Trancentral" they used short samples from Wanda Dee's "To The Bone", amongst other samples.

These records charted high in the UK. "What Time Is Love" at number 5, "3AM Eternal" at number 1, and "Last Train To Trancentral" at number 2.

What is Wanda Dee's claim?

Eric Floyd, Wanda Dee's manager, heard "What Time Is Love" in a club and wasn't impressed. He contacted "The KLF" and demanded payment. It was agreed that Wanda Dee would get a payment, royalties, co-writing credits on the singles and on the US release of "The KLF's" album "The White Room", and appear in the video's for the singles.

After "The KLF" disbanded in 1992, Wanda Dee started touring the world billing herself as "The KLF Experience" or "The Voice of The KLF". She has continued doing this for the last 25 years.

"What Time is Love?" with Wanda Dee's "Wanna see you sweat" sample

"Last Train To Trancentral" with Wanda Dee's "C'mon boy do you wanna ride" sample

What have The KLF done to stop it?

According to the Wikipedia entry for Wanda Dee, "The KLF" have requested Arista Records issue a cease and desist order to Wanda Dee. However, they declined, choosing sales over integrity.

They also sent a letter to Wanda Dee and received a reply stating that Wanda Dee believes she is the reason for all of "The KLF's" success.

Wanda Dee has continued to tour as "The KLF" since.


* On January 1st 2021, Some of the KLF's catalog appeared legally on streaming services.


Last Updated: 23/03/2021